About stringCode.co.uk

Site was created for purpose of showcasing my personal apps and running a blog about stuff that interests or annoys me. Mostly #iosDevelopment, #technology#science, #politics and as of recently about interesting books and productivity habits, routines and experiments.

About stringCode ltd

StringCode ltd is registered company in England & Wales 08122568. One man shop that produces code that runs predominately on iOS and ever decreasingly some that runs in your favourite browser. Company was primarily created for distribution of iOS apps and small amount of contract work.

About me

Im currently working for UK company that shall remain nameless as senior iOS developer. In my spare time working on indie projects.

About that weird animating thing in top left corner

What I value above all is rational reason. I am science groupie therefore when coming up with name I went for stringCode. I took string form string theory. As for logo. Its suppose to be oscillating string. I have mixed feelings about it …