Adding your blog to iOS9 News.App

September 4, 2015

Apple will introduce new News.App in upcoming iOS9 release. News app is basically locked down, cleaned up RSS reader. It is to be sort of replacement for deprecated News Stand app. Some say it is response to Facebook’s native news articles. Is News.App going gain more traction then News Stand did ? Is it horrible for open web and publishers ? I don’t know, but I think it would be cool to get my little blog on it.

It turns out to be surprisingly easy. Simply login to Provide some simple info and logo image. Logo has to have height of 256 px and width up to recommend 2048 px or maximum 2560 px (hmm, wonder what would be the resolution of theoretical bigger iPad). Then wait for approval process. In my case it was about 2 weeks. If my very modest blog can make it on there, then any blog can pass approval process. So go right ahead if you fancy your blog being on News.App.

In latest beta 5 News.App only show up for devices with US local. I used iOS simulator to avoid switching local on my devices.


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