A few of my old apps, give them a try, most of them are free, enjoy !

Video Speed

February 17, 2017
Video Speed app is Safari extension that allows you to change speed of the video playback. This control is notably missing in mobile version of YouTube website. Video Speed extension does work with any HTML5 video player. Hence virtually with all web video on iOS. Thank you for supporting independent software development development! 🖖

CompliCal – Customise calendar appearance in  watch complications

September 12, 2016


Why would one want to have current calendar event at watch face at all times ? They key corner stone of productivity is habits. Productivity aficionados are familiar with weekly reviews which are part of GTD. Ideal week method consists of scheduling everything for upcoming week in your calendar during weekly reviews. Everything from work, leisure, exercise, up to and including sleep. This removes the cognitive load of deciding what to do at any given time. Helps build positive habits. Nudges you towards productive tasks you committed to, rather then procrastination. Find out more about ideal week here. With  watch complications you are able to see what you should be doing at any given moment, every time you check the time. Virtually all calendar apps provide very little it terms of customisation when it comes to displaying calendar events in complications. It’s understandable as that is not the core of their (more…)

Memory Game – Maiden Voyage

April 23, 2015
Memory Game – Maiden Voyage. Take on a voyage through the memory frontier. Explore its wondrous tiles… We would like to consider Memory Game Maiden Voyage the most gorgeous memory game on AppStore for iPhone, iPad and  Watch and would love to hear form you on wether you think we have achieved that goal. We think you are going to enjoy our game when you have a few moments to pass and would like to see something delightful. Perhaps you are stuck on crowded public transport, holding the bar with one hand. It is so crowded you can’t even pull out your iPhone. You can keep holding the bar with one hand and taping with the other. We have put a lot of effort into design and bringing almost impossible animations and responsiveness to Apple watch, as we wanted to create bitesized delightful experience. We would like to consider Memory (more…)
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Introducing content blocking at it’s best ! Dump the trump

November 11, 2015
At last content blocking we call all support. Content blocking at its best ! Replaces occurrences of “trump” with 💩(poop) emoji in iOS Safari. You have been there before, you are innocently browsing the web, click on the link and out of the blue, screen is filled with eye offending congestion. Fear not, there is an app for that. Create filters & cleanse your pages. Head over