AppStore app version along side beta, debug build on Apple Watch & iPhone

August 9, 2015
It’s quite handy to have multiple builds of same app on one device for developing purposes. I usually setup three different builds. I like to have AppStore version alongside βeta version that is distributed to testers, as well as having separate debug builds. Last is only used when I directly build and run from Xcode. This involves having different bundle ids. Therefore there will be multiple app ids and provisioning profiles that will need to be created. It’s a drawback, but one well worth the costs. I hate when I want to show off the app to someone but build I have on the device is buggy development version. Or when tester is trying to show me bug he/she found, but I haven’t got the same build as he/she does, on my device. All that is gone with multiple bundle ids setup. I also like to render version and build numbers (more…)
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Memory Game – Maiden Voyage

April 23, 2015
Memory Game – Maiden Voyage. Take on a voyage through the memory frontier. Explore its wondrous tiles… We would like to consider Memory Game Maiden Voyage the most gorgeous memory game on AppStore for iPhone, iPad and  Watch and would love to hear form you on wether you think we have achieved that goal. We think you are going to enjoy our game when you have a few moments to pass and would like to see something delightful. Perhaps you are stuck on crowded public transport, holding the bar with one hand. It is so crowded you can’t even pull out your iPhone. You can keep holding the bar with one hand and taping with the other. We have put a lot of effort into design and bringing almost impossible animations and responsiveness to Apple watch, as we wanted to create bitesized delightful experience. We would like to consider Memory (more…)
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Collection of interesting Swift talks

January 21, 2015
I collected a few talks in this post that I consider particularly interesting, educational, enlightening and thought provoking. Now almost 8 months on from Swift announcement, with vibrant community, there are plenty of talks to choose from. I feel like we as a community (or at least me) are still working out what will the standard practices be when it comes to structuring and developing software in Swift. I think this might not truly change until Apple rewrites / replaces Cocoa. Talks below are some of the ones that shape my thinking on that topic. If there are any talks that gave you “aha moment”, or made you think about Swift in whole new light. I would love to know, feel free to tweet links at me. (more…)
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SnowGlobe.framework iOS Xmas easter egg

December 5, 2014
SnowGlobe.framework its easy to use, open source iOS framework written in #swift. It allows you to ad delightful / cheesy Christmas easter egg to your awesome app for holiday season. When user shakes the device, your app “turns into a snow globe”. Leveraging CAEmitterLayer to create snow fall, snow globe like animation while device is shaken. I am a sucker for that kinda of thing. I don’t see anything wrong with falling for spirit of the holiday season and getting bit cheesy. (more…)
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Physics of Light & Rendering by J. Carmack

September 26, 2014
I dare you to stop watching this talk once you started ! John Carmack  (@ID_AA_Carmack) legendary programer of revolutionary genre defining games like Wolfenstein,  Doom and Quake, now CTO of Oculus , delivers captivating talk on how light behaves in real world, and the approximations and compromises that are involved in simulating that behaviour with computers. This lecture was delivered at QuakeCon 2013 (yearly convention held by ZeniMax Media to celebrate and promote the major franchises of id Software and other studios owned by ZeniMax.). QuakeCon has historically had a reputation as the “Woodstock of gaming”, and a week of “peace, love, and rockets!”.  (more…)
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iOS 8 & iPhones from dev’s perspective

September 25, 2014
Gold Master version rained upon us few weeks ago and we have been through traditional new OS release chaos. Neglecting good night sleep in favour of making our apps behave as expected on buggy new OS. This seemed to have been somewhat more demanding then a year ago, but it might be just me being whiny little b**** and forgetting how demanding it was last year. If you indulge me I’d like to reminiscent for awhile. If memory serves me right it was shocking change. Complete redesign of apps was is order, flat design arrived. iOS 7 was buggy as hell on launch but our apps for the most part carried on working as normal. Worse case was your app looked somewhat old, but if your business was dependent on having app that was stable(as stable as any app on iOS 7.0.0) and performing as before on iOS 7, there was (more…)
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Imagining the future of programming in 70’s

July 17, 2014
Plain brilliant talk on fantasising about imagining future of programming in 1974. Bret Victor walks on stage of Dropbox’s DBX conference on July 9, 2013  dressed as stereotype of 60’s || 70’s engineer. He imagines what programming is going to be like in future from perspective of early 70′ engineer. He delivers truly thought provoking talk with surprising conclusion(at least for me ☺️) . If you are in business of moving electrons around, I have no doubts that you are going to love this talk. Slides can be found here. (more…)
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