SnowGlobe.framework iOS Xmas easter egg

December 5, 2014
SnowGlobe.framework its easy to use, open source iOS framework written in #swift. It allows you to ad delightful / cheesy Christmas easter egg to your awesome app for holiday season. When user shakes the device, your app “turns into a snow globe”. Leveraging CAEmitterLayer to create snow fall, snow globe like animation while device is shaken. I am a sucker for that kinda of thing. I don’t see anything wrong with falling for spirit of the holiday season and getting bit cheesy. (more…)
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Reasons why it might be a good idea to write swift app right now

July 13, 2014
I would like to pragmatically consider choosing to start development of new app in Swift right now (iOS 8 beta 3).  App that I actually intent to ship and support. Everybody I know, listen to, read and follow quite sanely suggest to stick with Obj-C for now. “It’s way too early, Swift is way to buggy, syntax is subject to change and incomplete”. And of course I have to agree. If you are indie and working on your bread and butter project, you are going to continue develop in Obj-C . Trusted tool you know inside out and are able to develop effectively. Needless to say your customers don’t care about what language is your app written in. It just does not make business sense right now. Same goes if you are working as project lead or contractor for a start-up. You are going to choose to start a new project in  Obj-C, it is easier and cheaper to hire (more…)
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