Boost productivity, decrease cognitive load and help build positive habits by utilising calendar and  watch.
Customise appearance of calendar events in  watch complications. Create formatting rules and custom tags.


Why would one want to have current calendar event at watch face at all times ? They key corner stone of productivity is habits. Productivity aficionados are familiar with weekly reviews which are part of GTD. Ideal week method consists of scheduling everything for upcoming week in your calendar during weekly reviews. Everything from work, leisure, exercise, up to and including sleep. This removes the cognitive load of deciding what to do at any given time. Helps build positive habits. Nudges you towards productive tasks you committed to, rather then procrastination. Find out more about ideal week here.

With  watch complications you are able to see what you should be doing at any given moment, every time you check the time. Virtually all calendar apps provide very little it terms of customisation when it comes to displaying calendar events in complications. It’s understandable as that is not the core of their product. CompliCal is not another calendar app. CompliCal is complication settings screen for your favourite calendar app. CompliCal was originally developed to solve the problem of displaying calendar events in Utilitarian Small complication type. Rather then showing start time of next calendar event, CompliCal allows you to show event title. Formatting rules can be customised in “Complication events formatting” section. You can even add custom tags to calendar event notes from your favourite calendar apps. Or enter them in “Custom events tag” section. Contents of tags will be then displayed in complications. I intend to add support for other complication types based on user feedback.

The only way to see the title of calendar event on  watch would be to use “Utility” watch face. “Utility” watch face however only has three complication slots. Not to mention the fact that with watchOS 2 Apple made complications on that watch face colourful. Complications have become akin to icons / shortcuts / launchpad for your favourite apps. This is more prevalent and openly supported by Apple in watchOS 3. More complication slots watch face has better. I am a huge fan of glorious “Simple” watch face with four, grey only complication slots. I fill them up Omni focus, Dark Sky, Activity rings and of course CompliCal. More thoughts on watch faces here. Thank you for considering CompliCal and supporting indie developers.


Dear press, as an independent creator of niche apps, it would mean a world to me if you spend some of your very limited time having a look at CompliCal. Feel free to contact me for additional assets, free download codes or anything else. Thank you for your time and support of independent app development. Screenshots & assets

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