Year of improvements

March 12, 2016

For few months now I have been focusing on getting better at variety of things. Overarching goal is to be more effective and productive in professional and personal life. Ultimate goal though is to develop and launch at least 1 product a year. One with relatively realistic chance of eventually generating at least half of my income. All the while still having full time job.

It was obvious to me if I was going to pull that of I had to become more effective, disciplined and productive. I though I would start by reading a few books on productivity and business. I was shocked to realise that somehow I have managed to read 3.22 books a week. Mixture of audio(2/3) and written(1/3) books. Total of 29 books on variety of topics since January the 1st. Ashamed to admit that probably I haven’t read that many books in last 3 years combined.

I ended reading on wide array of topics. Experimenting with different habits, daily routines. Steadily measuring my output trend line. I am beginning to reap first fruits of what I sow. Frankly I am very happy and excited about the progress I have been making and would like to share it with the world. Hopefully you, my dear reader will get some small value you out of it. Plan is to post summary of books that I considered useful. As well as description of how I tried to implement main take away points into my daily routine. I do not intent to turn this site into “productivity guru blog”. But I am going share a few things I’ve learned, tried, found genuinely useful and kept in my routine.

I am starting with review and recommendations on Deep work: How to focus in distracted world by Cal Newport. You can find all the future articles in #productivy, #improvments and #bookclub sections of this site. You can also sing up to very infrequent mailing list that will only ever contain content of genuine value. Thank you for reading.

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