On our watch (approaching the finish line)

March 8, 2017
Have you ever imagined what it would be like living through the break out of the First World War? Have you ever fantasised about living amidst the industrial revolution, French Revolution? Or any other period that changed the structure of societies, cultures, politics, the course of history, development of civilisation. Have you thought about how you would act during such times, what would you do? The Enlightenment of the Greeks was wiped out, by centuries of dark ages. For hundreds of years, there was virtually no intellectual and moral progress. Given great strides forwards made during our life time and our parents lifetimes. It is hard not to assume that arc of history indeed steadily bends towards justice and better living conditions for all. However, there is no law of physics, no guarantee societies will continue to march towards positive progress. Investigative journalism is dead. Their business model which was predicated on the (more…)
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iOS 8 & iPhones from dev’s perspective

September 25, 2014
Gold Master version rained upon us few weeks ago and we have been through traditional new OS release chaos. Neglecting good night sleep in favour of making our apps behave as expected on buggy new OS. This seemed to have been somewhat more demanding then a year ago, but it might be just me being whiny little b**** and forgetting how demanding it was last year. If you indulge me I’d like to reminiscent for awhile. If memory serves me right it was shocking change. Complete redesign of apps was is order, flat design arrived. iOS 7 was buggy as hell on launch but our apps for the most part carried on working as normal. Worse case was your app looked somewhat old, but if your business was dependent on having app that was stable(as stable as any app on iOS 7.0.0) and performing as before on iOS 7, there was (more…)
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Hello world post, here we go !

June 26, 2014
I have spent more time that I care to admit working on this WordPress template. I feel like Im 80% finished with it but want to release is so I can start adding content, to see what’s the feedback (tweet @stringcode) like and really just to keep myself motivated working on it. For information about what’s to come, and what’s up with that animating thing in top left corner check out about page.
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